Diagnose network problems such as a slow connection speed, getting disconnected, and learn about modems and routers.


Broadband / Internet

Get on the Internet,share broadband Internet or other connections among network devices,and take advantage of all the Web has to offer.



Perform daily system monitoring, verifying the integrity and availability of all hardware, server resources, systems etc.


Annual Maintenance

Perform periodic performance reporting to support capacity planning and monitoring equipments.

About the company

Alvi Infotech has been formed by thought of “you think we provide”. Experienced professionals are there to provide solution in the I.T. field using latest technologies. We promise to provide the best services in the industry with the help of our highly skilled and experienced management team.

This presentation contains certain forward looking statements concerning Alvi’s future business prospects and business profitability, which are subject to number of risks and uncertainties and the actual results could materially differ from those in such forward looking statements. The risks and uncertainties relating to these statements include, but not limited to, risks and uncertainties, regarding fluctuations in earnings, our ability to manage growth, economic growth in India, ability to attract and retain highly skilled professionals, time and cost over runs on contracts, our ability to manage our policies and actions with respect to investments, fiscal deficits, regulations, etc., interest and other fiscal costs generally prevailing in the economy. The company does not undertake to make any announcement in case any of these forward looking statements become materially incorrect in future or update any forward looking statements made from time to time by or on behalf of the company.